24 Days That Matter (December 11)

Today’s BTM Community Level:

– The Fall (by Dave)

Tetrobot has been put in charge of a very important mission: he has to reach the bottom of the level without destroying or leaving behind him 3 clay blocks. And if you’ve already played the game, you probably know how clay blocks behave and how they can be your best friends… or enemies, depending on how you use them.
Lovers of puzzles and adventures, you’ll love this level.

You can play it now in Blocks That Matter (Windows/Mac/Linux).

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Today’s Gift:

Escape Goat offered by MagicalTimeBean

Escape Goat is a new take on puzzle platforming. Developed with a unique physics engine that allows pixel-perfect world manipulation and destruction, you must use the environment to your advantage to overcome over 50 rooms of challenges. If this isn’t enough, use the built-in level editor to create your own wicked contraptions!

Is it totally crazy to create a game in which you play a goat? Maybe. The fact is this goat and its mouse friend are more charismatic than most modern videogames characters. So, crazy or not, this is a GREAT idea for sure. Each new puzzle of Escape Goat is smarter than the previous one and new elements appear regularly. Not to mention that the retro aspect of both graphics and musics give an undeniable charm to the game. If you are not yet familiar with its soundtrack then you should listen to it right now.

Escape Goat is a must play for every XBLIG users and we hope it will reach the PC soon.

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How to enter today’s contest?

Today, you can win:
2 copies of Escape Goat on Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG)
2 copies of Blocks That Matter on your favorite platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The only thing you need to do is to click the buttons below to:
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You can enter using only one social network BUT if you enter using both you’ll have more chance to win. We will count only one entry per social network per person per day so you don’t have to spam your friends with multiple messages.

4 winners will be chosen randomly (using very professional random picking software) and contacted few hours after the contest ends.

So what are you waiting for?

Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow for another contest!