24 Days That Matter (December 18)

Today’s BTM Community Level:

– Deeplab (by Deep Lab 01)

Use the camera function and see what the level has to offer. It seems easy, right? You’re right, it’s an easy level. But you should stay focused cause every block can be a trap. You will not explode but you’ll understand your mistake…later.

You can play it now in Blocks That Matter (Windows/Mac/Linux).

– – – – – – –

Today’s Gift:

Squids offered by The Game Bakers

Build your team of Squid heroes for epic turn-based battles against corrupted crabs and shrimps!
Steev, Vahine and the rest of the Squids are in danger! An infectious black ooze is corrupting their world. Only a few heroes can fight back and save their lush underwater kingdoms! Recruit a small army of stretchy Squids and lead them into turn-based battles against the dark hordes.

Squids is the first game released by The Game Bakers, and it’s a good one. We don’t play a lot of games on iPhone/iPad, but Squids blew our mind. Shiny graphics, great soundtrack and real accessible “touch based” controls: that’s how you create a great game. And, as always, the price on those platform is ridiculously cheap…
If you don’t win Squids through this contest, don’t forget to buy it.

– – – – – – –

How to enter today’s contest?

Today, you can win:
2 copies of Squids on iPhone and iPad (Universal app)
2 copies of Blocks That Matter on your favorite platform (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The only thing you need to do is to click the buttons below to:
– Like today’s contest related post on Facebook
– Tweet an automated message on Twitter

You can enter using only one social network BUT if you enter using both you’ll have more chance to win. We will count only one entry per social network per person per day so you don’t have to spam your friends with multiple messages.

4 winners will be chosen randomly (using very professional random picking software) and contacted few hours after the contest ends.

So what are you waiting for?

Good luck to everyone and see you tomorrow for another contest!