Blocks That Matter (in figures)

Back in 2011, we’ve shared with you some info about how not-so-well Blocks That Matter sold on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Since then, many things happened :
– we’ve released BTM on Steam in August
– BTM won the Dream.Build.Play 2011 Challenge few weeks after
– and the game has been part of the Humble Voxatron Debut in November

In the same time, more and more people heard about it and what was a small game lost between WhateverCraft and WhateverZombie on XBLIG became a nice indie game (according to players and journalists) on PC.
But how well, exactly, did Blocks That Matter sell?

Let’s unveil the great BTM infographic!
(some data are not detailed due to contracts restrictions)

Click to enlarge "it" !

Bring the house down

Posted on May 6, 2011

Hi there!

Today, it’s Guillaume on the keyboard because William is quite busy (you are about to know why in few paragraphs).
Here we go for some news about the last days out there!

>> Knock knock, who’s there?

The scene take place Wednesday, I was playtesting the game while taunting at William with stuff like “who’s the designer of this game who put this chest in an impossible position!”. All of a sudden, a big series of noises came out. The stairs of the 3rd landing floor of the building were knocking on the Swing Swing Submarine’s door!

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A submarine is rising to the surface

Here we are : Swing Swing Submarine devblog is now open !
This is the first day of a new adventure for us, and for you.

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