Blocks That Matter

Posted on March 28, 2011

When indie game developers Alexey and Markus are in trouble, their only hope comes from their creation : Tetrobot. This tiny robot can drill blocks of matter one by one, collect them, and recycle them into new pieces of 4 blocks.

Each matter has its specific behaviour, so you have to take advantage of them and use the blocks wisely. Get ready to use your brain and combine your platforming and puzzle-solving skills in this incredible mashup.

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Blocks That Matter Blocks That Matter Blocks That Matter Blocks That Matter Blocks That Matter

  • Available on : Windows / Mac / Linux / Xbox Live Indie Games
  • Release Date : May 2011 (XBLIG) / August 2011 (STEAM)
  • Genre : Puzzle / Platform
  • Rating : Everyone
  • A unique gameplay experience mixing puzzle and platform that will challenge your brain
  • 40 levels to play in Adventure Mode, 20 bonus levels to unlock and more levels added with free updates
  • Collect every 40 “Blocks That Matter” and rediscover videogames made of blocks that made or will make History
  • Create and share your own puzzles using an easy-to-use level editor
  • Steam Features : 30+ achievements to unlock, Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop integration


“If you like innovative 2D games that challenge you to actually use your noodle ever once in awhile like Braid and Limbo, then you have no excuse.”
5/5 – Armless Octopus

“(…) sometimes you find some gems that are truly worthwhile. Blocks That Matter is one of those.”
18/20 –

“The game’s secret reason for being, though, is its deference to what came before. This is a block game in love with block games.”

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Original Soundtrack and Remixes

The (incredible) soundtrack of Blocks That Matter has been composed by Morusque.
The (amazing) composers of Reworks That Matter album are listed in this article.


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